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Export Bay

Our company sources products in Thailand for overseas buyers who contact us. We also market products for Thai manufacturers who we know, and for whom we help improve the product design and quality. Thirdly, we import new products to the Thai market. We only import-export to/from Thailand.

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  • Contact us about what you are looking to import, and we may be able to help you find and manage a good source
  • Contact us about what you have and wish to export to Thailand, and we may be able to help you in a variety of ways

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Our Products

Marble clock penholder

Name : Marble clock penholder

Price : 2 USD = 1 EUR = 2 AUD = 50 THB = 1 GBP

Detail : Marble click penholder

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Large marble vase

Name : Large marble vase

Price : 6 USD = 5 EUR = 7 AUD = 200 THB = 4 GBP

Detail : Large marble vase

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Lamp - table top Black/Red Rose Shade

Name : Lamp - table top Black/Red Rose Shade

Price : 77 USD = 63 EUR = 91 AUD = 2500 THB = 52 GBP

Detail : Lamp, table top, black and red rose shade

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Wooden Horse Bust

Name : Wooden Horse Bust

Price : 21 USD = 18 EUR = 25 AUD = 700 THB = 15 GBP

Detail : Hand made, carved, custom made to order

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